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2262016 311Bearded Dragons are among the most popular pet reptiles in the hobby. Their interesting behaviors and docile nature make them an excellent pet for first time reptile hobbyists. All Bearded Dragons found in the USA are captive bred. Many different color morphs are becoming available making the Bearded Dragon a great choice for any level reptile keeper.

• Common Name: Bearded Dragon
• Scientific Name: Pogona vitticeps
• Distribution: Australia
• Size: 16-20″
• Life Span: 5-15 years


helena pictures3 024• Juvenile Bearded Dragons need a minimum 20 gallon terrarium. Juveniles can be housed together in a 30 gallon terrarium. After 4 months old, Bearded Dragons need their own Terrarium. Bearded Dragons do not do well housed together. Cohabitation with Bearded Dragons can cause harm or even Death if they housed together. We highly Advise against it.
• Adult Bearded Dragons need a minimum 40+ gallon terrarium.
• Provide plenty of hiding and basking places.
• Thick branches, rocks or Mopani Wood is an excellent choice for climbing and basking.


• Daytime Terrarium Temperature:83-88° F.
• Basking Spot: 95-105° F
• Nighttime Temperature: 70°- 80°F.
• A nighttime drop in temperature is natural and can be accomplished by turning off all overhead heating devices


                        • UVB lighting and heat are essential for Bearded Dragons to process calcium in captivity.
• Without UVB lighting Bearded Dragons will develop serious health problems such as Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD).
• UVB Lighting should be left on for 10-12 hours per day and turned off at night.
MARLOW• We use 12 hour timers to ensure proper day and night lighting.

***Replace UVB no less than once a year, even if the light comes on it might not be adequate UVB!

USE TRIMMERS FOR 12 HOURS ON 12 HOURS off if the best way!


• Bearded Dragons DO BEST ON TILE, Bearded Dragons come from central Australia and live in bushes & trees NOT the desert or sand! NO lose substrate is advised! NONE, not crushed walnut, not calcium sand, not sand, or even reptile sand!

• Hatchling Bearded Dragons will do best on Cage Carpet, we use 1/3rd carpet, 2/3rds tile. these can be picked up at a local hardware store pretty cheap

• DO NOT USE OUT DOOR CARPET OR SAND! outdoor carpet the small plastic can go under the dragons nails causing them an infection, sand is a NO NO,! sand can impact your dragon and make them very sick.. We are changing everything over to tile it’s easy to clean & no chance of harm.


• Bearded Dragons are diamond13omnivorous reptiles that change their diet throughout their lives.
• Juveniles will need to be fed pinhead to small size crickets daily along with other small insects. Juveniles should eat 80% Protein / 20% vegetables. Adults it will switch to 80% vegetables / 20% protein

• Protein 320above are shown Black solider fly larva, Super Worms, Meal Worms, and Cricket. Another great insect is Dubai Roaches
• (We have found Turnip greens to be a favorite)Collard or Dandelion Greens, Romaine lettuce, strawberries, grapes and other veggies should be offered daily even if your juvenile will not eat them yet.
• NO Ice-burgh lettuces or spinach!

• Always remove uneaten food after each feeding or before lights out.

******We have found our house hold favorite is Turnip greens. ******

Mustard Greens Blueberries
Collard Greens Raspberries
Crickets Meal Worms
Phoenix Worms Grapes
*Turnip Greens Cantaloupe
Zucchini Wax Worms
Strawberries Carrots
*Dubia Roaches Watermelon
*Super Worms Bananas
Romaine Lettuce Horn Worms

WARNING: Do Not feed lightning bugs, or any insects from your yard. ALWAYS clean all produce or picked greens/veggies.


Hygiene with your new friend is very important, for your personal safety and your dragons as well. Bathing your dragon 1-3 times a week is strongly suggested. Mist them once a day with warm (NOT COLD) water.


*** Most important get a fecal test done 4 weeks after homing your Bearded Dragon. This is very important so many bearded dragon lives could of been saved by a simple $12.00 test and $6.00 worth of meds.***

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