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Hi I’m Tony Aldridge, owner of Doctor DragonS NOW Black Beard DragonS -by Doctor DragonS. We are Growing fast and getting noticed! We were on the front page of the paper. I was even a guest on a radio talk show (WYNG). We are now Approved Breeders for “Bearded Dragon Obsession”, & “Bearded Dragon Addicts” in 2015 we home just under 100 Bearded dragons. The 1st 3 months of 2016  we have home 111 dragons. Now with selling insects, Pillow and hammocks, we are growing fast.

Why bearded dragons?

Our thirteen year old son, Sean was visiting a neighbor and saw that they had pet tortoises. For weeks after, all we heard about was how much he wanted a turtle. We have four rescue dogs, Ziek – king shepherd, Bo – yellow lab, Alley – black and tan hound, and Duke – pit mix. We considered it and decided to take him to Pet-smart (just to look). To our surprise, it’s illegal to buy, sell, or own a regular turtle in Indiana. Wow! After looking around a little more my son spotted a baby bearded dragon, and that was his new obsession. Being a mother I knew that his hopes were high for getting a new pet, leaving empty-handed would be heartbreaking. So I caved and bought him this 4 inch long lizard with spikes. After a terrarium, lights, decor, insects, plants, bowls, substrate……. $360, later we were on our way back home with our new pet. Sean decided to name him Doc. I have a severe anxiety disorder, one night I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious, I picked up the little lizard that was scratching at his cage as if wanting picked up, and held. I held him tight and stroked his tail, almost immediately the anxiety dissipated and I felt calm. After the reaction I had to this little tiny bearded dragon, when I asked my husband, Tony if I could have one of my own, he was more than willing to oblige, and so a few days later we got Drake. And so on and so on. Their personalities, calm, docile nature, the funny way they scamper across our hardwood floors…. we were all soon very addicted. It amazed me to find out how little people knew about them or that they existed at all. With our new-found love and passion for these funny little creatures we decided to become breeders, so we could share our obsession and knowledge with others. AND THAT is how was born, our first bearded dragon business. As time went on, we were searching online for a few new breeders, since most of our beardies were yet too young. I found several gorgeous dragons on and purchased three. My husband was speaking to the owner of Black Beard Dragons and found out He wanted out of the business….. Would we like to buy his business?? Heck yeah!!! So we got a u-haul and drove 13 1/2 hours to Dover, Delaware to pick up 49 bearded dragons. That is how we also accumulated blackbearddragons. It was truly a blessing. -Helena

This is my wife Helena. We have been married for 5 years. She is the back bone of Doctor DragonS. Helena makes all the Hammock set, does all the fecal testing, mails out the insect orders, she is a mom, wife, business partner, and my Rock! Without Helena nothing would get done around here. This is a 24-7 job, but something we do together! Do not make her mad she is a pistol with a temper. I love her; but sometimes she has a way of telling people the blunt way. As a business that can sometimes be an issue, when someone makes her mad. I will stand by my wife and most of the time is it because I’m being to nice and someone is try to take advantage of that. Dragon Health 1st at Doctor DragonS, then our family.  We are a for profit business, ask anyone that has been here every dime we make we put into dragons or rescuing Bearded DragonS.

What does Tony Do? I’m the cleaner of tanks, hydrator of insects, player of DragonS, father, husband, and the person that will keep Helena at Bay if she gets upset. I’m a retired Police officer, and Dragon lover….. that should be enough!



Why Buy A Doctor DragonS Dragon? We have been told we have some of the healthiest dragons in the country!We raise all of are own insect, run fecal test regularly, our breeders are kept as LOVED pets not locked up in totes!

We started out as a bearded dragon rescue?

Over the last two years we have rescued or taken in 97 surrenders. (by 12/19/2016)

So when you buy a Hammock set, send in a fecal for testing,  purchase insects or items from us you know any profits are going to be used for DragonS!

“Please Support us in what we do.”

Bearded Dragon Fecal Testing….

Bearded dragons Fecal testing?

Doctor DragonS is approved in the State of Indiana to test All reptile fecal for parasites. We can advise on our findings and even sell the Meds  to treat parasites. See tab on home page to learn more. Fecal test

We are located in Princeton, Indiana

We own (Bearded Dragon Information & sell Bearded DragonS) (Merge to (feeder insects)

Sell Bed, Pillow & Hammock sets on Ebay / ReptDeliciouS

Run A Reptile Fecal Testing Lab

Run (over 7300 likes w/ 5 star ratting)

Run Bearded Dragon Nation (FaceBook group) A dragon support group.

Please Support us and help so we can Help others……..

Tony & Helena Aldridge

2009 W Glenwood Dr

Princeton, Indiana 47670


Phone # (812-217-9178) emergency only

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